HP Netserver E60 moddified BIOS (added Coopermine support)

This page is dedicated to HP Netserver E60, or to be more exact, its BIOS, or even more exact, lack of Coppermine CPUID in it. It seems that even though the last official BIOS from HP, version 4.06.26 PN came out on April 24 2001 (first Coppermines were out in late 1999), no one in HP figured out it would be nice to include Coppermine support in BIOS. Coppermines will work just fine, except the fact you will have to press F1 since system registers an error during the POST. That IS quite annoying, especialy when your server is on remote location and it reboots for whatever the reason is. I couldn't find any "cure" for that issue, so I had no choice but to modify the BIOS and implement CPUID myself.

To stop beating around the bush - I had to (for currently unavoidable problems) remove CPUID 00000672 (00000010, 22.09.1999.) in order to implement CPUID 00000683 (00000013, 06.02.2001.), although it seems there are three additional (unoccupied) CPUID "slots". However, currently, I couldn't figure out how did guys in HP terminated CPUIDs in ROM so I temporarily removed that CPUID. When I acquire another EEPROM (current Am29F040B was heavily abused and due to the shabby PLCC socket, it barely holds some pins now) I will attempt to load newest CPUIDs in ROM and leaving those that were already implemented intact. So far, I have tested this ROM with two PIII Coppermine 600MHz SL43E and it reports no error of whatsoever. Removing that particular CPUID also did not have any affect on detecting two PIII Katmai 550MHz SL3F7.

Standard disclaimer applies. I can not and will not take any responsibility for the file(s) you download and apply to your computer. This is NOT official HP supported ROM! That means HP will not give any support for it, nor will I. However, if you have any questions that I might answer, please feel free to contact me via email "bubba (at) banelli (dot) biz". I will attempt to respond ASAP, however, I must once again stress out I offer NO support of whatsoever!

I would like to dedicate this to a very special person form me. Thank you, Borek! :*

Download (version with removed 00000672 CPUID)